Neil Lamb is a Trio of one !


Whether picking a traditional jazz tune or strumming with pop, rock, and blues influences on his original songs , when Neil Lamb plays his seven string jazz guitar you hear distinct bass, rhythm and lead.  Lamb is not afraid to highlight the popular dance aspects of all his favorite music: strong bass ,steady beat and clear melody. This is real jazz – plenty of improvisation — but with equal appeal to the ordinary music lover. No overdubs, no loopers, just the sound of a trio from one soloist.


Throughout Maine and the New England region, Neil Lamb’s seven string Jazz guitar plays melodies that inspire and delight. He understands the purpose of music at functions—to enhance the experience of guests—not to overpower. He is a sensitive player who continually adjusts his volume so that guests who really want to listen to the music can do so easily, while those who wish to socialize can converse comfortably without having to raise their voices.


Solo guitar is a wonderful addition to any function. The jazz guitar is more intimate than some other solo instruments: it is the perfect sound for drawing the listener in and for setting a mood that is sophisticated and romantic. Using a seven- string guitar with an extra low A string that allows him extended range in the lower register, Neil has developed a full and mello sound.


Neil has a duet CD with Guitarist Mark Kleinhaut. It has reached  #34 on the CMJ top 40 national jazz charts.  For more information and purchase  click here